Dominika Maison

Psychologist, professor at the University of Warsaw, working at the Department of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. For years she has successfully combined academic work (scientific research and teaching) with business practice in the areas of marketing, consumer psychology and social causes’ research.


The owner and founder (2005) of the company Dom Badawczy Maison (Maison Research House), specializing in several types of research: strategic marketing, unconscious consumer needs and motives, financial attitudes and social campaigns and their resultant effects. She cooperates with many universities in the world (e.g. in Indonesia, Belgium, Italy, USA). The main areas of her scientific research are implicit consumer attitudes, psychological determinants of advertising effectiveness and social marketing.

Dominika Maison is an author of many publications about contemporary consumers, e.g.: Qualitative Methods in Marketing Research (PWN, 2010); Pole in the Financial World (PWN, 2013); Consumer Psychology (PWN, 2014); Polish Women: Fulfilled Professionals, Family Housewives or Citizens of the World? (WUW, 2014). She is a member of many professional organizations: Polish Society of Marketing and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO), Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP), Association for Consumer Research (ACR), Qualitative Research Consultant Association (QRCA), and she is a member of the Councils of the Foundation for Social Communication (FKS). In 2003-2008 she was chairperson of the Polish Society of Marketing and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO). Since 2008 she is a representative for Poland of the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), the biggest international professional organization of marketing research.